1. Spectrum of Delusion
    ZH, Netherlands
  2. The Odious Construct
    Sacramento, California
  3. Symbolik
    Stockton, California
  4. Myth of I
    Boston, Massachusetts
  5. Sutrah
    Montreal, Québec
  6. Aronious
    Green Bay, Wisconsin
  7. Singularity
    Tempe, Arizona
  8. Immanifest
    Tampa, Florida
  9. Arkaik
    Santa Cruz, California
  10. Flub
    Sacramento, California
  11. Warforged
    Chicago, Illinois
  12. Inanimate Existence
  13. Equipoise
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  14. Inferi
    Nashville, Tennessee
  15. Aethereus
    Tacoma, Washington
  16. The Zenith Passage
  17. Mordant Rapture
    San Jose, California
  18. Augury
    Montreal, Québec
  19. Oubliette
    Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  20. Dark Matter Secret
  21. A Loathing Requiem
    Nashville, Tennessee
  22. Enfold Darkness
    Nashville, Tennessee
  23. Virulent Depravity
    Nashville, Tennessee
  24. GraveSlayer
    Nashville, Tennessee
  25. WAIT
    Baltimore, Maryland


The Artisan Era Nashville, Tennessee

The Artisan Era is a record label, operating out of Nashville, TN. The label specializes in a diverse range of extreme metal music that showcases extraordinary musicianship.

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